Performing and developing character personalities has always been fun for me. Whether creating my own original voices (framed in red below) for the Jim Henson Company and/or for other producers it has been a blast!

Talent Agents and Casting Agents!
Click on the pictures below to hear my voiceovers.
Kermit the Frog Cookie Monster  Cookie Monster
Bert and Ernie  Bert and Ernie   Count Von Count Count Von Count
Miss Piggy Miss Piggy Fozzie Bear  Fozzie Bear
Grover Grover Floyd and Animal Floyd and Animal
Dani Dani- the Asthmatic Muppet Osvaldo the Grouch Osvaldo the Grouch

Other Puppets- 
Turtle Lou  Italian Turtle Lou   Zip Zip- the bad pencil eraser
Charles Charles Monster  smileyface Hear me quack like a duck!